At Moray Offshore Renewables we have a vision that we want to invite you to share.

We believe that by marrying the proven technology of onshore wind generation with Scotland's expertise in working in the deep and challenging waters of the North Sea, we can create a secure, plentiful supply of low-carbon electricity; enough to meet the need of almost half of Scotland's households, without burning any coal or gas; and without creating radioactive waste.


Moray Offshore Renewables Granted Consent For 1116 MW Offshore Wind Development In The Outer Moray Firth

Edinburgh 19 March  2014   Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd today welcomed news that the Scottish Government has awarded it consent for the construction and operation of 1.116MW of offshore wind generation in the Outer Moray Firth.

The project, which, on conservative estimates of the wind resource available, will be capeable of meeting the equivalent electricity needs of around 700.000 UK households, consists of the Telford, Stevenson and MacColl offshore windfarms, which are planned for construction  14 miles (22km) from the Caithness coastline. For full release click link:  "MORAY OFFSHORE RENEWABLES GRANTED CONSENT FOR 1116 MW OFFSHORE WIND DEVELOPMENT".   


Schedule 42 Application

MORL received planning permission in principle for the onshore transmission works (to connect the offshore generation infrastructure to the existing electricity transmission grid) on 26 September 2014.  MORL has subsequently submitted a Section 42 application for planning permission to enable preparatory work to be carried out for the substation site in advance of the underground cable route works in order to allow the connection date set by National Grid to be met. 
This work is necessary to enable the proposed offshore generation infrastructure to supply power to the electricity transmission grid in 2019. 
Details of the application and its supporting documents can be found in the document library, or by clicking this link.


Supply Chain Engagement

As part of Moray Offshore Renewables’ ongoing commitment to the development of opportunities for Scottish and UK supply chain as part of the deployment of offshore wind generation infrastructure in the outer Moray Firth, we are inviting companies with an interest in this project to record their details with us using this Supply Chain Registration Form.  

Transmission Infrastructure

As part of standard regulatory processes, National Grid, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and MORL have agreed to change MORL’s connection point to the National Grid from Peterhead to New Deer.  This will deliver a more economic and efficient connection, so MORL has published an Environmental Statement which accompanies applications to Aberdeenshire Council and Marine Scotland for the modified transmission infrastructure.  The Environmental Statement, applications and associated documents are in the documents library of this website, which may be accessed by clicking here.
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